Pumpkin Layered Cake / Talam Labu Lapis

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today i'm in the mood of making some 'kuih' (desserts). At first i thought of making french bread coz my mom just came back from cambodia and she brought back yummy breads but then I don't have bread flour and i'm too lazy to go out and buy coz today its been raining all day since noon here. then i thought of making a cake again i don't have enough ingredients *long sighh* then while i was rummerging my fridge i found some coconut milk and pumpkin and i thought i better use this before it expires! then my sister told me to make extra so that she can sell it at my aunt's restaurant.

so i started cooking and making pumpkin layered cake, lucky me it turned out GREAT hubby ate bulk of it its a compliment coz he hated pumpkin so it must be good...

here's what you need to make this lovely kuih

70g shredded pumpkin
100g cooked pumpkin flesh (just steam it until tender)
100g rice flour
125g sago flour
300ml thick coconut milk
200ml water
200g sugar
250 water
4 blades of screwpine leaves / daun pandan

  1. to make syrup, cook sugar with water and screwpine leaves until sugar dissolves.
  2. combine rice flour, sago flour, thick coconut and water. mix well then add in the syrup. strain the batter reserve 200ml batter mixture.
  3. cook the rest of the batter mixture in a non stick pan over low heat until it begins to thickens. add shredded pumpkin, mix well.
  4. pour shredded pumpkin mixture in a greased 8" cake tin lined with plastic sheet. level the surface, cover and steam over high heat for 15 minutes.
  5. blend the reserved batter with steamed pumpkin flesh until smooth. remove then pour into no.4. cover and steam at medium heat for 15-20 minutes till cooked. let cool before cutting
=> this recipe was actually taken from my mom's cook book...i can't remember the title of the book but its a good recipe...worth trying!

all packed for the restaurant! hope people like it ...;)