Blueberry muffins

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

lately I've been craving for blueberry muffins (its actually ever since i started researching for 'hantaran' cake just for some reason blueberry muffin came to mind). I never really am a fan of blueberry but somehow rather i still get the craving <---does that make any sense? i dunno anyway i was up early today coz its my boy's 1st day to school (he's only 3 years old) he was surely excited to go to school coz he'll be wearing new uniforms, school bag, i thought of making muffins and i see the opportunity to bake blueberry muffins as i 'coincidently' bought a pack of blueberries BUT i have no recipe for it, it was already 7:30am at the time i have no time to search any cook books or the net (yeah my desk top is ancient and take its very own SWEET time to start which ultimately why i blog so "often") so i simply put what ever i want in it and hope that it'll rise *lol* in lay term i 'taram'/'tibai' the recipe but to my suprise it turned out great. the muffin if very filling and not too sweet as i use fresh fruits - you may add more sugar if you like it sweet but this recipe is for me to keep, we (me n the entire Fathil's clan) LOVE it just the way it is. you'll need: (a) 11/2c flour 1/2tsp salt 2tsp baking powder 2/4c granulated sugar (b) 1 egg 1/3c milk 1/3c vegetable oil 1tsp vanilla essence (c) blueberries

  1. preheat oven at 180c. line buttered and floured muffin pan
  2. combine (a) and whick until well mixed, set a side
  3. mix (b) them gradually add in (a) mix until well combine
  4. lastly fold in (c). Use ice cream scoop to neatly drop batter into muffin pan/tray
if you like cumbs onto of your muffin take 1/2cup sugar, 1/3cup flour, 1/4cup cold butter and a dash of cinnamon powder if you like. mix them all with pastry cutter or if you don't have one fork will do the trick, mix them until it resemble a corse crumbs then sprinkle on top of your muffins before you bake.

I skip the crumb-ing routine coz apparently i'm out of butter heheh~

I'll post the picture later as my ancient PC is on 'strike' it keeps hanging for God know what reason...i can barely post this entry *long sigh~*