Flower Arrangement...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This morning i went to the wet market @ Kajang. It was the 3 of us (ma, my dotter and me) if you haven't been to Kajang town, its a rather old and small town. the roads are small and all are one way street (well most of it....) so being that it is always packed with people and cars...so naturally even at 9:30am you can hardly get parking so i waited in the care with my baby girl (Alya) while ma went shopping. As i was waiting, Alya got cranky so we wonder off the car and found ourselves in the florist shop just across the street. The flowers are so beautiful and fress and i couldn't resist then i thought i'd better get some and try and make some arrangement for my brother's wedding at the high table.

I usually hate Crysantimum coz i feel that its too plain looking flower but this time i think i'm falling in love with it...i've picked white and another white with pinkish hues, some fern leaves and fillers. I got pretty excited arranging them and the end product is a meium sized english bouque and everyone loves it. I know this is a foodie blog but i just can't resist and feel that i have to show it off. After all its my first ever flower arrangement....and i think my family approve of my arrangement *wink*

I am particularly proud of it...lol

Simply gorgeous!