birthday delima

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

these few weeks were horrible for me coz my family were sick. started of with my son having the viral fever then my husband he is until now not well...its so frustrating coz this weekend is my birthday and my family wanted to celebrate my birthday @ sentosa island, singapore plus that would be alot of fun for my children too..

but i guess that we're not going..what a bummer! i was looking forward for the mom asked my if i could leave my husband and just go with the kids and suggested hubby to stay at his mom's house...well that's a thought but it doesn't feel right leaving him when he's not well like that. its sad that my kids was too excited and very looking forward to the trip.......

i don't know...i somehow don't feel like going either coz..its just don't feel right celebrating my birthday without hubby although even if i stay we're not celebrating anyway in this situation no one wins!