Confession of a food addict =p

Saturday, June 6, 2009

hi all....

i know that you've been wondering about my lack of entries in this blog...well i have a several reason for the reason is still that i have yet to purchase my transfer cable (from fon to pc) i know i know its been awhile its just i'm having a slight financial is needed else where and my blog does not come first in the list *sigh* my children got son had a very high fever that we had to warded him...honestly i was afraid if he caught any of those potentialy deadly diseases...*shrugs* nowadays there's more and more diseases and one became more deadlier than ever....we now have swine flu, bird flu, sars, meningitis, chikungya (is that how you spell it?), dengue...argh! what else that we should be worried about??! it kindda makes you wonder why all of a sudden these deadly diseases came to God punishing us for being arrogant? arrogant for taking his world and life for granted? ah well enuf bout that....

and this is the confession which is also my ultimate reason....*clears throats* well..... actually i'm on a diet. there i said it...DIET... because i'm on diet i'm on cooking and baking detox....arghhh~ this is the worst sin as a cook or as a deligent baker...but i am at..i mean i was at my highest weight pile ever! i'm FAT....over weight. the thing is i piled up weight since i gave birth to my first child and never went down even after i had my second child. Sad ain't it? and i was in denial for a VERY LONG time!!

notice that i said i 'was' at my highest weight? yes i did manage to lose some weight within only 1.5 weeks! oh believe it! and i didn't even use any diet pills or diet suppliment what ever diet crap that never seem to work for me. wanna know my weight before? i was (mmmm this is embarassing) 90kg and now I'm 85kg. which means i manage to loose 5 kilos in 1.5 weeks! isn't that GREAT? i was so happy....i didn't realised that i've lost weight until i went to my tailor and she measured me and told me that i've lost 1inch in both my arms and waist and 2inch from my butt! i didn't believe her at first so i then went home and weight myself and its true i did lost some weight!

now...the secret to my weight loss is my daily diet...i TOTALLY ditch RICE!!! yup No RICE..and being asian, this is a BITCH its like asking a drug addict to ditch drug...but with some will power and moral support from family and friends i only eat vegetables, fruits and proteins...and sometime just a very small portion of carb. so in this diet i'm supposed to ditch CARB totally but i couldn't its just too extreeme for me...since no rice i still eat just a little pasta or bread but in a very controlled portion. my dad follow this diet strictly and he lost more than 5kilos a week. the way that i'm doing it also works but a little bit slow.

so what i eat everyday nowadays?

i eat for breakfast: cereal, or a piece of bread with butter n jem or some low fat yogurt with gronolas then if i'm hungry in between meals i'll snack on either low fat yogurt or fruits.
then for lunch i'll eat grilled chicken breast with butterhead lattuce,shredded carrot with apple cider dressing. then for dinner i'll be eating basically the same thing only that instead of chicken i'll make grilled fish (ikan bakar). but dinner must be eaten by 6pm not any later.

its easy and no fuss but i have to be creative with the protiens coz you can get bored eating the same thing or style. i do some times make soup with some pasta for variety...but i must say that butterhead lettuse is the best tasting lettuce i've ever eaten (believe me coz i'm no fan of veges) i have also noticed that when i eat this way my metabolism is smoother and i'm also more alert. maybe its because of the vege that i'm eating...who knows?

so perhaps later on i would probably be posting a healthier recipes suitable for people like me...?i'm still fighting to lose weight and i need to lose another 25 kilos to my original weight...wish me luck guys!

p/s: don't forget to exercise...coz that definitely helps....and i do exercise whenever i can even when i can't i still exercise coz i have 2 hyper active kids that drives mommy crazy! but love them to bits...xoxo

Daniel: High Fever Alert n RIP Dr Haliza Shafie

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This is the latest picture of Dr Haliza Shafie (the baby she's holding is not mine) this picture was taken from Big But Beautiful.

my son had a very high fever last friday so we admitted him in Ampang Putri Hospital (APH). when arrived the on call doctor asked have we been here and who was our doctor? yes and our dr was Dr Haliza Shafie. the staff stood in silence for awhile. and I wondered why...then the Dr on call nodded and told us to proceed in admitting him then told us that their on call dr for tonight was Dr Nasir.

After 15minutes or so...daniel's registration was done and he was on drip. once we're in our room the nurse finally told us that Dr Haliza had recently passed away. I was shocked and in disbelieved...yes she was our son's pead but we havent seen her since 2007. and that was when Daniel was 1 years old and was admitted due to his athsma attack.

althought we are not close merely patient doctor relationship, i can tell you for sure that she is a beautiful, gentle, and very motherly person and that we're gonna miss them.

I was told that she and her friend Dr Amin died due to a fatal fall when hiking at bukit Taboh sometime last months. who would have thought that Dr Haliza is a tough cookie i mean hiking is a tough sport i never thought that she's into those kind of sport!

and apparently the news about the 2 missing doctors were all over the news only that i didn't know coz 1. we don't suscribe newspaper and 2. my son hogs on the tele so....(i'm still in disbelieve)

anyway Al Fatihah to Dr Haliza Shafie n Dr Amin Tai. May you rest in peace.

more about Dr Haliza n Dr Amin Tai's death