my sister's engagement

Sunday, January 10, 2010

doily inspired cookies
this is the 200 cuppies i made...chocolate and vanilla flavors

this is my baby sister...yes it is a bit much but we love it anyway coz its all sponsored!
the groom to be's rombongan with the hantaran. if yo udon't know hantaran, its the 7 trays of decorative goods offerings that the ladies is holding.
yes the flowers are gorgeos and if you look a littel further you can see the people listening to the negotiations on the wedding dates,hantaran etc

*taking a very deep breath* finally i can rest!
today is my sister's engagement all my foreign readers here in Malaysia, the malays take engagement seriously and there will be an event by itself only it is usually an intimate occassion amongst family and close friends. so my baby sister is officially engaged today and it was an excellent event with great food and all. Everything falls into place last minute...(aha..there's a story behind it)

ok ok. ever since my sister is getting married we've been planning her whole occassion since september last year...*paused* i think and i was assigned to do nothing at first. my sister had her own ideas for her doorgifts, alter ect...then come x-mas and the seasonal candy cain is very tempting then came the idea of giving away the candy cains as favors, engagement favors. my sister exitedly bought 12 cartons of candy cains adding up to 200pcs in total....thennnnnn....~

the unfortunate happens when the darn candy cain melted.
then that one fine day mommy dearest called and panicly requested me to make something as favors and later we agreed on decorative cuppies. but i also baked some gorgeous laced cookies its a doily inspired cookies and its absolutely scrumptious. baked the cookies 3 days in advance with 3 flavors mocha, almond and hazelnut.

ahem *clears throat* needless to say it was a hit (yes i'm particularly proud of myself) and got so many orders for the cupcakes and cookies to the extent that i have to reject some of the request...errr...sorry...

mmm..there are also other story about the hantaran cake/fondant cake my sister ordered from our local cake store sugar****** which turned out something totally different from her request but oddly my sister paid the lady anyway (please note that i was not there when she ordered the cake or else i would've shout and screamed at the idiots that improvising the cake without consulting the us; the buyer first) my sister spent almost the whole day crying yesterday and i tried to do something for her but it was too late..literally late for 2 reason 1: limited ingredients 2: its was already 8pm and i was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tireddddddddddddddd....err notice the extra Os?

but even with all that the event turned out great...nonthe less , thank GOD!


ms.sara said...

kak lin, cup cake sedap la, tp dapat rase vanila jer..biskut ginger pon sedap..unexpected..hehe..

MamaFaMi said...

Tahniah to your baby's sister. Dah jadi tunangan orang dah pun. Bila majlisnya?

lynnfathil said...

thanx majlisnya 10haribulan lepas. pening lah plan majlis...