Man with heart of stone: the death of a malaysian cosmetic Millionair Sosilawati

Sunday, September 12, 2010

i was in my hometown when i heard this news (i had no TV in my hometown) and i was shock and in disbelieve. Sosilawati is a very successful cosmetic businesswoman i feel so deeply for her death because our path did cross sometime ago. the thought that i knew her and knowing that she was brutally murdered (stabbed and burned) just .....i have no words....sigh~

i don't understand how she could have be involved in such 'mess'. but then again nowadays people became more and more daring in committing a crime or crimes all because of money. it was said that she had been conned and killed for a piece of land in pulau pinang. here's the thing, the so called con man was allegedly is a person of a 'Dato'ship with a connection of higher powers which made him a trusted person - i mean this can really happen to anyone with money.

i supposed Sosilawati trusted the dato to be a trustable person since he has a high connection (i know i would too) then she probably realized it too late.

our family had the experience of being conned. it was so beautifully done that we can't even trace it back to them it was horrible...but lucky for us that our 'con people' are not as agressive as these ones...anyway a note of caution to those with some money to spare...becareful with the poeple you are dealing with especially when you are carrying millions of cash around! she should have gone with police as asscort instead of a banker and a lawyer

anyway...Al-Fatihah to all the deceased may the murderes get caught and got what they deserve!