Homemade Cheese!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

last night i had to do a emergency cheese frosting...it all started when i decided to bake a red velvet without checking if i have any cheese for my frosting....like you can't have a red velvet without the cheese frosting, right? after baking then i realized that i have no cheese, my daughter then saw...and smell the cake and she wanted to eat the cake so bad....and i don't want to disappoint her but there's no cheese baring shop near by.

then i took a risk and make my own cheese and what do you know its wonderful and i must say more creamier...interesting. the recipe is not mine i you tube it and follow the instructions....its easier than it looks! really for real.

here's the link i use to make my cheese...http://youtu.be/tAoSoadLEag

the cheese tastes creamy and some what like cottage cheese...but you can press and compact it and it'll be like any other compacted cheese (i'm no good with cheese names)
here's how my cheese is like..

*I am sorry for the no pictures...i do take pictures of them but i can't seem to upload them perhaps you can view the picture at my FB but until then i will keep trying to upload the pictures..sorry again*

Oh by the way my Red velvet cake is Paula Deen's recipe, you can google them. But my personally, I prefer Stephanie Jaworski's better.