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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Light & Crisp Fish Crackers

Hi, before i blog about my next recipe i just wanna apologize for not blogging with pictures. I've been having problems with picture uploading. it kept saying server rejected...what ever that means. I wrote to blogger and blogger replied saying that the problem is not from them its from picassa and that i should deal with them. But don't you think that blogger should be able to assist the problem even for a bit? i am disappointed with that. coz its been day that i've been trying to upload my pictures...blogging is no FUN with out pictures right?

anyway at the 'discussion board' someone replied and gave me the solution and surprisingly it worked (finally!). my assumption is that the 'new' up loader by picassa is faulty and apparently i was not the only one that have this kind of problem. this means that this is not a remote case. the old up loader works just fine. now i'm using the old uploader to up load pictures, its a bit of a hassle but it'll have to do.

ok back to my recipe...
I learn this from Ibu Jameela. I always wanted to make my own cracker with whatever flavor that i like...all MSG-less ...I made these with sardines and even corn beef hahah yes corn beef...it tasted soo beefy =p...i was just experimenting as i have corn beef leftovers. according to Ibu Jameela you can even use just chicken cubes, or anchovy cubes for flavoring its be as good. But unfortunately my family don't do MSG.

btw, this recipe is different from the 'keropok leko' this is the cracker variety not the sausage variety.

the recipe is more on the estimation side. eg: if you like more fish then by all means but my ideal is like 2:1 of fish and starch. and just about 1/4 of rice.

sardines - about 200g take the flesh only
tapioca starch - 100g (this is a plus minus thing if the end dough is loose just add a little bit more)
rice - about 1/4cup meshed or blended
1clove garlic - meshed
a pinch of white pepper
salt to taste (can't remember how much i put in i just estimate and taste along the way) but you should get it slightly saltier than normal.

mix everything in until it becomes a dough. then mold it into a log. a medium size log is best, coz if its too big it'll take longer to cook. once that done boil the log for about 40minutes or so. the bigger the log the longer you'll have to cook it. Then let it cool over night in the fridge preferably 24hrs. by then the log will harden and it'll be easier to slice. A tip for slicing, you'd need to oil your knife before slicing so that you'll be able to slice smoothly. After slicing, sun dry it until its really really REALLY dry. this usually takes about 3-4 days under the sun. then its ready to fry!
meshing the rice with pastel and mortar.
mixing in the fish flesh and starch and meshed rice
the cracker log

the cracker log after boiling it for almost 1 hour.

Thinly sliced crackers


zety said...

what does it's taste like?

lynnfathil said...

zety, it taste like keropok lah only fresh heheheeheh and flavor is adjusted to our liking. example: my husband likes it with garlic so keropok tu ada taste garlic skit coz we add more garlic. if you like more fish taste then add more fish....the more fish you add the darker the uncooked cracker will be but when you fry them it won't be as dark coz you made it 'fresh'