Nyonya - Cutie Chilled Kuih (Cantik Manis)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today i have the urge on making my own Nyonya kuih. And this came to mind coz its the easiest to make...trust me...This Cantik Manis kuih is i supposed a hybrid between a kuih and jelly (my hubby said its just jelly) its not exactly jelly coz we do not use any jelly powder yet the texture is somewhat colse to jelly...odd huh?if you don't know what i'm trying to say...you'll just have to try and make them and see for yourself...

What you need:
80g Indonesian Hoen Kwee flour (buy white variety)
110g caster sugar
200ml concentrated coconut milk
600ml water
1/4tsp salt

To make colored dice:
100g water chestnuts
100g tapioca flour
a drop for 3 of your fave colorings.

This is how you do it:

  1. Dice the water chestnut and divide into 3parts
  2. color each part with your fave colorings and leave it for 30 mins to allow color to set.
  3. Coat no.(1) with tapioca flour and plunge it into a boiling hot water. (i didn't have tapioca flour so i use corn flour it does give the same effect but not as nice looking)
  4. Once it floats, remove them and place them in a ice cold water
  5. Combine ingredient (A). mix well, and make sure there's no lump. transfer it into a non stick pot and cook until the mixture thickens. Remove from heat
  6. Drain the colored dice and add them in (A). Arrange several molds and pour it them let them set and keep chilled until serve.
See told ya its easy...but my regret is not having the tapioca flour *sob sob* but it still taste great! the richness of the sweeten coconut mixture and the tenderness of the water chestnut just makes my mouth waters yummmmmmmm~