Lunch @ mama dee dee's - Mutiara Damansara

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today i've decided to make a trip to Mutiara Damansara specifically to Mama Dee Dee's Restaurant for lunch. Its my Aunt's Restaurant, recently open for business since the 10th but i haven't had a chance to see the operational restaurant so today i've decided to do so and show some support.

It was raining when i arrive and the joint was still full (its was already almost 2pm at the time) i can't imagine how busy the restaurant is during peak hour. The restaurant is nicely done, clean and somewhat cozy...they even have wifi there (then again most cafes does - its a must have ;)). how's the food? oh don't get me was the food that drome me all the way from BANGI to MUTIARA DAMANSARA and that's like almost 1hr plus drive!! but it was worth it...wanna know why?? coz the chef is my AUNT! and she is and EXCELLENT COOK and i'm telling you the truth i'm not saying this coz she's my aunt but she really is a great cook. before the restaurant...(this was many many years before and until now) she would cook food like chicken rice, or Nasi Padang or Nasi Lemak and invite us for brunch and i wouldn't miss it for the world.

I remember...actual until today, when ever my mom called me and told me that mak long (my aunt) is inviting us for brunch (which she alway does) all of us would be excited coz we know that we'll have great food, and when ever we can't make it we'll be sad heck I'm sad and dissapointed everytime that happens. that is just how to discribe how good her food is. even their close friends wouln't miss the occassion if they're invited.

The food served is basically Sumateran Rice/ Nasi Sumatera which us the malays has adopt its taste and flavor and make it as their own. Somewhat similar to Hover in Kota Baru, Kelantan only better, cleaner, classier and modern. I had chicken and fried fish...i don't know the name of the dish (sorry) but i was hoping to eat the Sumateran Chicken curry but they're out... :(

They also do some catering but no delivery service provided, not just'll have to self pick up. From my previous entry i did mention that we had a dinner party...the main dish was all catered by Mama Dee Dee's and i'm telling you all my guest are pleased. Since my aunt is the Chef i guess it really is homecooked food right?

if you wanna go and have a try of my aunt's cooking here's the details of the restaurant.


2-1 JALAN PJU 7/16A
(near Mutiara Damansara police station @ Mutiara Homes)



11.30AM - 10.00PM


07.30AM - 4.00PM


You may also visit

This is how it looked like when i was there, still busy...
And that is Dee Dee the proud owner of Mama Dee Dee's
So many choices to choose from and they were all Yummy!
These are some of the food served there...


mamadeedee said...

wah...hebat page u. mcm2 gadget ada. i tak tau how to put. takat tulis blog jer ;p

Anonymous said...

just to wanna to inform you that we've been to mama deedee's. and we love your food.The price is OK but tipping on the pricey side. and just our 2 cents we think that the joint is kindda lost in its image coz we couldn't pin point if its a cafe or a restaurant...its kindda niether there nor here and we'd like to suggest you buat style kopitiam i.e make your joit be more cozy as for right now nampak 'keras lah' gives ppl impression MAHAL and ppl like to lepak tau and as for the food you could make set style and i think it would be easier...just our 2cents

Anonymous said...

Gua suka makan di sana, tapi agak mahal kerana tiada menu untuk bajet diri. Setiap kali makan, tiada menu untuk tahu harga. Ingatkan' bawah rm10 tapi bila time bayar lebih dari tu? Contoh Ikan + Sayur + nasi + sirap.. harganya rm12?? macam mana nak bajetkan diri pada harga rm7-8 kalau tiada MENU?????????