Wednesday, October 15, 2008

since most people here are rather confused with the competition here are the rules again...


  1. Anyone can enter this competition so long that he/she have a foodie blog.
  2. One may submit as many entry as one please.
  3. One must together with the pictures submit the recipes and explain on how you do/make it from A-Z. the more detail your explanation, the better (this may increase your chance of winning)
  4. As for the recipe it need not be yours, you may 'borrow' recipes from the net or whomever but please state the source. However we encourage you to use your own recipe (this would mean creating your own recipe) but you may also borrow others recipe but 'tweak' or 'fine tune' the recipe to make your own. All of these will be considered as points for your creativity!
  5. The recipe also should be complete (DO NOT OMIT any ingredients when you've actually used it) the consequence is that not only you'll be disqualified but you'll give yourself a bad name (we wouldn't want that would we?)
  6. All participants MUST publish the competition logo together with the entry. You may resize it as you see fit.
  7. Participants MUST leave their URL at the organizer's comment box (doesn't matter which) in order for me to valuate your entry. and I will publish all of the participants URL so that visitors can vote their fave entry.
  8. The entry will be judge by YOUR CREATIVITY i.e:
  • The food presentation
  • The recipes as per clause 3.
  • Pictures...(this is important coz pictures speaks a thousand words so better take good pictures!)
DUE DATE for submitting your entry :- 12NOV'08


umi_e said...

lynn... bila tarikh akhir ni?

Kak e not in the mood of cooking/baking lah... but kak e plan to bake cakes for a raya invitation... nanti kak e try join...

umi_e said...

laaaaaaaaa tadikan kak e dah comment... mana perginya eekkkk :-S

Lydia said...

Hi Lynn,

Here is my not-so-creative entry >>

Mandy said...

Fun! I love your blog, count me in! This is definitely my favorite cake:

Have a great day!

umi_e said...

lynn... kak e join jugalah... nanti bila kak e dah agak free dan bake yang lain, kak e join lagi ya... untuk sementara ini kak e letak jelah n3 on cuppies kak e tu ya...nanti tengok ok

SyaHani said...

Lynn.. mesti kek aje ke? tak boleh benda lain like muffin or biscotti?