DR OZ: Food & Beauty, Facts & Myth

Monday, April 13, 2009

DR OZ...

everybody knows food can contribute to beauty but what can it REALLY DO? the following are the information relating food and beauty the original article was from oprah dot com 'the truth about food' the article was enlightening you can read the full story here and these are the nut shells:

  1. High fiber food: it DOES give a faster bowel movement and it ABSORB cholesterol! so eat lots and lots of fiber not just for the faster bowel movement but to also lower the cholesterol level. what is high fiber food? grains,oats, nuts, apples with the skins of course and this is just from the top of my head i'm open to the floor...
  2. Calcium: did you know that calsium can contribute to weight loss??????? i didn't know about this until that article, calcium absorbs FATs!! when calcium properties meets the fats, they turned into soap substance which were pushed out from our bowel system. the proof is says Dr Oz, the poop floats! - how's that for a fact?!
  3. Go vegetarian! : this is something all meat eaters as i am find it had to do. but you can lose weight within just 12days! 12DAYS people!!! with these diet (at least having lots of veges and fruits and nuts) lowers the cholesterol level by the average of 25% reduced blood pressure by 10% and weight loss about 10 pounds and a quarter inches of the waist!! so if you're desperate loosing weight just GO GREEN people!!!
  4. Tomatoes: eating tomato paste/ puree etc would result in a 30% reduction of sun damage. WHY? because of lycopane found in the reddest tomatoes it replanishes skin cells and prevented wrinkles too!
  5. Water: sadly it does not give any effect or what so ever to the skin. people say that it'll rid off any impurities from the inside / aids the collagen etc...its all myth...why? according to the good doctor, the food we eat already have lots of water it really quite sufficient without us taking any extra water. Non theless it does matter if it for loosing weight. as it willsatisfies the satiety center. you don't have the urge to eat as much.
  6. Omega-3 acids : this splendid acids are from fatty fish like haddock, salmon, red snapper, cod or from eggs, nuts etc. These food is a relaxing food. it reduces stress. reduces stress hormones cortisol by 22% and other stress hormones by 12% including DHEA PLUS a 25% improvement on memory.
  7. Detox diet: unfortunately this is a myth, it has no effect to our body, and its not worth to go through with it (most people hated the vege juice and as do i).