petit chef

Monday, April 13, 2009

oh my God! it really been awhile...and... i still haven't bought the usb cable. i do have some pictures to upload but i don't have the means just yet...the thing is i'm broke. broke to the bone almost broke down but i got in time to the workshop...lucky me? oh not so lucky me when they told me how much the bill will be. my throat went really dry coz i was wondering if i even have that much money to spend at once...they told me it'll be more than a couple of thousand...and i'm just a stay home mother of 2...i'm not working therefore i've no income except from the monthly rent commission that i got from managing my parents properties (on the record, those people are not easy to deal with...)

anyway they told me i've got to get my tires change or i'll be bound to have an accident coz my tires are all bold and they all have few deep cracks *gulp*....and my alignment were off, for some reason my meters went coo coo..something to do with belt, floats i really have no idea what are they talking i called hubby to verify things then he told me that i have to get them fixed then i told hubby the price tag. hubby said that its a bit pricy but we had no choice and my car is the car that i use to pick up my kids from school n their grandparents and should anything happen tp then i'll be sorry later...i can't have that! but hubby couldn't help me either its all because of that idiot doctor who purposely delayed writing reports about our son's admission to the hospital last 2 months, now the insurance couldn't pay us the money coz the doctor haven't write the reports necessary for them to proceed with the claims. *grinds teeth*

*long sigh* enuf of that and yesterday was it *pondering* i had this comment inviting me to join this little french site called petite chef... (well i think its french..the name is french..)you can see them on my right panel. i joint them and i find that its a wonderful site to look for new recipes and technics in baking and cooking as they have many foodie members or i would say cyber chef with great recipes n tips too (i think some of then are real chef too). you can have a look here.